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Be Visible In Your Business


Are you ready to stand in your empowered visibility in your business? Whether you are a healer, a creative entrepreneur, a body acceptance coach or are looking for images to share the person behind the product or message...Be Your Own Beloved is hear to help!


You create, write, draw, teach. You know your worthiness in what you bring to the world but your relationship to body image, photos and being visible in your work feels like it holds you back. In this session we'll explore your relationship to being seen in your work and I'll introduce you to the concept of Empowered Visibility which takes the power of being seen in our work away from societal pressures, away from our inner critic and back into our own hands. You'll leave our session with a stronger relationship to your visibility as well as a collection of AMAZING images that allow you to stand strong in your empowered visibility in your work. Folks often use these kinds of sessions to produce new imagery for their website or a new project or offering they are putting out into the world!


The Empowered Visibility Business Portrait Sessions take place in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. I'm a natural light photographer so I'll bring you to some AMAZING locations that suit the energy of your website or business. We've got gorgeous urban brick walls, alley ways, murals, wide blue skies, old growth forests and even mountain tops to make use of for your session. Before your session we'll talk about the visual voice of your business to get inspired about the visuals for your photos and how your images can support your visibility in your work in a way that works for you!


The Be Your Own Beloved Empowered Visibility & Branding Imagery sessions is a 2 hour Photo Session designed to create a diverse range of imagery to use as the base of your website, products and social media. The Session is an investment of $750 CAD. 

Summer Innanen

Summer and I had an AMAZING Photo Session where we created a diverse selection of imagery for her website designer to use for her site, for products, for branding imagery and more. 

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Melani Marx

Melani and I had a magical day creating imagery for her brand new site. With her singing bowls in hand, we took a snowy December Day and created a timeless, sacred visual energy in her images that lets you know so much about her and her work the moment you arrive at her site!

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Before the Session:

  • A Pre-Session Call where we'll chat about your relationship to visibility in your life and business and we'll create a vision for the kinds of images you'd like to have for your business (be it for a website or social media). 

During the Session:

  • A 2 Hour Portrait Session

After the Session:

  • 50-75 JPG images from our photo session

  • Post production editing (but being body positive portraiture I don’t retouch or alter your body in any way in your images…I simply help you shine and radiate in these photos naturally).

  • Images delivered to you via Dropbox within 2 weeks of our session

  • An empowering photo experience I hope you’ll feel good about for years to come!


If you're ready to say YES to creating imagery that lets you step out from behind veil and get VISIBLE in your blog and business, let's connect about your session. 

To make it official you'll just put down the deposit of $200 CAD for your session and we'll get the ball rolling!

“Do it!!!!! That's all I can say about that. It's just a great act of self-love to spend a few hours with you AND you get some kick-ass photos for your biz too." 

- Summer Innanen

These  are wonderful Vivienne! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It was a truly wonderful experience. I've shared the photos with friends and they are in agreement that you captured my essence and spirit.

— Melani Marx


Can you come to me to do a Beloved Portrait Session?

At this point, the Beloved Body Positive Portrait Sessions are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We will adapt the location to suit our needs but often sessions will in outdoor locations such as the gorgeous beach, the forest, some of the unique alleyways, colourful buildings in my neighbourhood of Chinatown as well as further out of the city. Also let me know if you're up island as I'm most definitely open to coming up Island for a session.  

As a long-time Vancouver resident (recently moved) I’m also most definitely open to shooting in Vancouver and taking you to my favourite vibrant portrait spots and pockets of nature within the city to shoot. Let me know if you'd like to book a session in Vancouver and we'll find a time that works for us both.

If you're in Seattle, guess's really easy to come here for a shoot. You can book the ferry directly from Downtown Seattle to Downtown Victoria and make it a day trip. I'll meet you at the ferry and we can have a wonderful time together creating images that support your visibility in your business! 

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