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Photo Session - Shalom

A Magical Photo Session in the Garry Oak Meadows of Summit Park

I'm so excited to share this recent photo session I did with the wonderful Shalom. Shalom is not only a social worker in private practice but is also a wedding officiant AND a theraputic harpist!!

So I was pretty much giddy when she said she'd be bringing her small harp with her to the photo session. She really wanted to highlight this part of her work in her photos and I was thrilled to. She also wanted a joyful, flowery, spring like energy to the photos so I knew the location that would best meet that need, one of my favourite places on the Island especially in this season in the Garry Oak Meadows of Summit Park.

The daffodils were in bloom, the Camas were emerging and she played such calming and beautiful sounds on her harp as we shot the photos. If it sounds magical, it's because it really was! I feel like we both danced around that park, her working her magic, me working mine and the photos are definitely ones that I'm extremely proud of. Thank you so much for entrusting me with this experience Shalom!

In our email exchanges she shared: "Thank you so much. Both the photoshoot and the photos have exceeded my expectations!" and I love exceeding people's expectations so much in these shoots both in the photo shoot experience, the safe space created, the images that come out of it and the connection created through the experience. It is truly an honour to get to do this work and let people see how radiant, how empowered, how beautiful they truly are.

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