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Group Portrait Session - Body Trust Providers

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

You know when you enter a room and you can just feel the magic. You know "something powerful is happening here". That's what I felt the moment I stepped into the room with the Body Trust Providers. I had everyone pair into small groups or pairs and take some photos together as they had experienced a full workshop with me earlier in the day as a part of this event. The laughter and connection filled this beautiful artful space. I took them one by one for a photo session in the art studio as well as the surrounding space in this light filled building. It was truly an honour to get to spend that one-on-one time with them hearing about their lives and work in the world. The most beautiful moment for me was when the gathered together in a circle arms around one another. This wasn't a planned group photo but rather a marking of the work they had been doing together and the experience that they had been through together. I was teary and laughing alongside them as they shared their gratitude for one another.

In the time since this photo shoot it has been truly incredible to get to see the work of each of them grow even more. Just like I knew that first moment I walked in the room, this was a powerful circle of folks doing incredible work in the world and that energy ripples now far beyond this room into their own communities and work with clients. Thank you Cohort 1 of the Body Trust Provider training. I'll never forget you.

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