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about Vivienne

I'm Vivienne McMaster. I'm a Photographer, Body Trust Provider and Trauma Informed Coach based in Sooke, British Columbia just outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island. 

For the last 15 years I've been on a beautiful journey exploring the ways that being in images can be an ally in healing how we see ourselves.

I started this journey at a place where I felt like photos were the enemy, that they were 'proof' of what my inner critic said. So I went on a mission to try to figure out how I felt about my body outside of what that critical voice. What I found was that this tool that I thought was an enemy could actually be my doorway to healing. I started on a journey to use self-portraiture as a tool for body acceptance and self-compassion building and it changed my life. Of course, I knew that if it could help heal my relationship to my body (which I had deemed unfixable) it could help others. So for the past 10 years I've been teaching Self-Portraiture & Body Acceptance E-Courses called the Be Your Own Beloved Workshops. 

Alongside teaching people to use their own camera as a tool for body acceptance and compassion, I've been doing Portrait Work, using my own camera as a tool for helping you feel seen, feel valuable, feel visible in your own lives. I approach photography through a lens of Health at Every Size, Fat Acceptance, LGBT rights and Intersectionality. I am a Certified Body Trust Provider which helps me deepen my commitment to body acceptance and body trust in my work.

Making you feel safe and seen is my focus in these portrait session. Allowing space for your relationship to your body, your gender expression, your self-expression. We'll break out of the expectations that are put on our body and identity and capture photos that let YOU shine for the person you are.

Find out more about the Portrait Sessions here.

Find out more about the Be Your Own Beloved E-Courses here

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