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“I think everyone needs to experience themselves through your eyes. You are so lovely and bring such confidence and ease to the people you photograph!"

— Chelsea Karcher

“Do it!!!!! That's all I can say about that. It's just a great act of self-love to spend a few hours with you AND you get some kick-ass photos for your biz too."

— Summer Innanen

“I chose to work with Vivienne because she was the one photographer I trusted to be as at peace with my body as I am, and to respect and honour it with her camera rather than trying to minimize or erase it. Through her work with Be Your Own Beloved, her portraits and her other client work, it's clear that Vivienne is a true body ally.​

— Lindley

"I've had photo sessions with other photogpraphers and they always came back having me look like someone else. Vivienne takes images that capture ME and how I authentically feel."

— Jillian Deri

I became "camera-shy" when I entered that awkward teenage phase and I never grew out of it. In fact, it got worse as I got older. But when I stepped into my "Be Your Own Beloved" session with Vivienne I felt an immediate shedding of the fear, the self-doubt, and the way I had been seeing myself for years. Vivienne is MAGICAL!!! Before the camera ever snapped a photo she helped me tap into a time when I loved the camera -- a time when I wanted to have my picture taken. Then she gently guided me through my session where I ended feeling more in love with myself than I thought possible. She captured every part of me: the woman, the teenager, and the little girl with her hand on her hip begging to have her photo taken.   

— Kiala Givehand

"Vivienne, I love them! I really do. Thank you so much for capturing my essence. These are gorgeous. I feel very grateful to have had this experience with you, Thank you, thank you again!"

— Andrea

“Vivienne's talent and artistry have resulted in extremely high-quality, absolutely stunning photographs that will help us remember the magic of our wedding day for years to come. We could not be more thrilled with Vivienne's work, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for an out-of-this-world photographer.

— T & J

“THANK YOU! THESE ARE UNBELIEVABLE! You really outdid yourself woman! 

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My website designer used all of the pictures to do the rebranding so it influences all of the colours, textures, look/feel. I'm so pleased with the end result. So much gratitude."

-Summer Innanen

Oh, Viv -- I LOVE the photos!!! Seriously: I have tears in my eyes! I can totally see how much being with a friend I adore brought out my smile and spirit. You are the BEST -- thank you, thank you!! 

— Anna Guest-Jelley

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